Call For Papers

We are pleased to announce the official Call For Papers –



[An Interdisciplinary conference at Manchester Conference Centre, 2nd December 2013]

What motivates you to do your PhD?

What does your PhD mean to you, to the world, and to society?

What are your expectations, and the expectations of you?


Although the subject of a PhD is specific, each of us has to face similar challenges of the modern world. By sharing the context and reasons behind our PhD, we believe that we can foster a strong community spirit where, together, we can face these challenges:

  • Why is it important for us to do research?

Do we research to understand ourselves or to improve the social condition? To acquire knowledge about the world and satisfy our natural curiosity, or improve our qualifications and get a better salary after graduation?

  • What is our place in society?

What place does a doctorate have a society? What are society’s views and opinions of PhD’s? What are a doctorate’s social and moral obligations towards society?

  • How much does research depend on where money come from?

Does the selective nature of funding limit or enhance postgraduate research? Why do firms fund PhD students and why do university-industry partnerships exist? Should certain research occur, even if money is available?

  • Does it all depend on the subject?

Is there a divide between the sciences and humanities, and does society need them unified?

This free, two day conference organised by postgraduates of Manchester’s Doctoral College seeks to provide a unique platform for members of the University of Manchester postgraduate community to share both their research, and their reasons, motivations and challenges behind their PhDs. It is hoped that through such dialogue horizons will be broadened and new insights gained that will help shape better researchers for the modern times.

Call for Talks

We invite potential authors to submit abstracts of 150 words on the context behind their PhD. Talks may be related to any of the fore-mentioned issues, or any other which is felt to be of great importance. Successful authors will get the opportunity to present a 15 minute talk on their views and opinions, and engage in discussion with an interested inter-disciplinary audience.

Call for Posters

We invite potential authors to submit abstracts on their content of their PhD. Successful authors will get a unique opportunity to present their work to a non-expert audience from Manchester’s post graduate community.

Abstracts should be submitted to: The deadline for abstracts is Friday 11th October 2013. Successful candidates will be notified by Monday 21st October 2013.


For any questions you might have about the Call, please either email the address above or use the contact form below. We look forward to reading your ideas.


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